3D Photomontage of the new annex building to the Croydon Tower in London

3D Architectural Photomontage  of the new annex building to the Croydon Office Tower located in London.

The aim of this work was to verify what would be the visual impact of the annex building on the Croydon Tower, something that you can check in the images below.

The assignment of these architectural visualisation came through the contact established  with the John Robertson Architects studio. JRA is one of the most prestigious architecture firms in London which has to its credits a large number of recognized projects always maintaining a personal mark and high quality architecture.

The creation process of the images started with the submission of a 3D model of the Croydon Tower by John Robertson Architect studio. We used this model to propose the most interesting points of view to develop, we made about 100 different shots with different points of view. Once the views were chosen by JRA they sent us the high-quality photos we needed to start working. The photos were taken by the professional photographer Jeremy Young.

The next phase of production was developed through a proper and thorough 3D modeling work which was followed by the application of materials, textures next to the setting of cameras and illumination. The application of photo retouching was the last phase of the work, since it is 3D Photomontage this phase required a highly detailed precision.

The result of all this work can be seen in the attached images, the quality of which was really satisfying for our customers.

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