3D Walkthrough animation about a luxury house in Los Angeles

3D Walkthrough animation about a single house in LA

We present you our recent work, this is a architectural animation made using 3D computer graphics and renderings of a single house located in Los Angeles, California.

Our client, a project developer, was looking for a tool in which was explained, in a visual way, the processes used from initial conception of each project to its construction. To that end it was proposed to make a 3D walkthrough animation of one of his luxury homes in Los Angeles.

To clarify the processes, we decided to include 3 types of images in the 3D Walkthrough. Some renderings in basic lines, photorealistic renderings and, finally, some real photographs of the luxury house.

Renderings in basic lines correspond to the conceptual idea of the home that the architect want to convey. In this first step, the future client, by 3D computer graphics, gets a visual of the integration of the house with the environment. The project developer offers his clients the possibility to be able to make changes before go on. In our day-to-day, we use these renderings to offer our clients different points of view and help them to decide the best view from which the final rendering will be performed.

With photorealistic renderings future clients get an image very close to reality that facilitates decision-making either changes of materials, types of windows or any other item.

Once developed all the renders that form the 3D Walkthrough, different effects were added to give more realism to the images. We observe how fire, water or clouds acquires motion along the video.

We are especially pleased with this project that has allowed us to go deeper into other tools such as 3D Walkthrough. We hope you like the result.


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