Architectural rendering for public building competition in Portugalete

Architectural rendering for the cultural-educational public building competition in the market square in Portugalete, Vizcaya.

The architectural proposal was conducted by the firm AQ4 architects who hired us again for the development of the external and interior photorealistic renderings of the building.

Those architectural visualization were developed in only 22 hours of work, adapting us to the needs of our client and to the short deadlines, as usual in architecture competitions. These 3d renderings helped the architects team in their materials choice, we performed 14 façade tests and 4 trials for the cladding of the central box of the multipurpose space.

This project is located in Portugalete, near the Nervion river. The building is assigned a type of constructive intervention aimed at consolidation. The competition stipulated the need for a versatile space that could contain different uses.

The renderings show the main ideas of the architecture proposal. The first one was to open two opposite corners of the building, allowing freedom of movement on the ground floor. In this way, they got a covered public square, a free access place, comfortable and attractive, which facilitates the meeting. This central space is intended to the multipurpose room.

The second rendering shows the interior of the ground floor space. The diaphaneity of the space as well as the multiple possibilities of use can be seen.

Once judged the competition we are pleased to present you this work. Some 3d renderings result of the joint work between the two sides. We hope you like them.

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