Architectural renderings of semi-detached houses in Andorra

After producing the exterior architectural rendering for two semi-detached houses located in Arties, village of Vall d’Aran in Andorra, in the Pyrenees. The real estate company RBI commissioned five architectural rendering of  the interior spaces.
Architectural rendering detached houses

The commissioned included the interior architectural rendering of the development of the penthouse. The most representative rooms were selected as the living-dining-kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The real estate company wanted to start the commercialization of the development. In order to achieve a succesful campaign they needed attractive architectural rendering that would serve to attract the attention of buyers.

Once the spaces that should appear in the 3D architectural rendering were modeled, several tests were done to find the best point of view of every room. Searching a good point of view becomes more difficult in reduced spaces. In these cases, it is usual to test with several camera lenses. This will get wider space to display the image without suffering deformation. Another common option consists of sectioning spaces in such a way that the entire room is visible.

The interior and exterior materials were defined in the quality memory of the project. The interior decoration had to be like the common high mountain housing where the wood is the main material. Special attention should be paid to the material textures as the stone walls, long-pile rug and wood surfaces.

A real environment pictures for the background was placed in windows and balcony in order to give more realism to the architectural rendering. The photographs were done during daylight and in a sunny environment so the light wasreproduced exactly in the 3D. That way both lighting were fully integrated.

You can visit the website of the real estate company RBI for more information about this housing development and our architectural rendering.

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