Architectural rendering of the waterfront in St Josep, Ibiza

Today it is increasingly indispensable to have a few high quality photorealistic architectural renderings for the presentations of the architectural proposals. Get funding or convince the developer of the viability of the proposal, become major challenges that are hard to get without a stunning presentation of the architectural proposals.

The architectural firm ARQCOAS contacted us commissioned an external image of the project in which they are working, the proposed expansion of the waterfront in the town of Sant Josep Ibiza.

The economic crisis has left several buildings stalled awaiting for funding to continue them. The client wanted a 3D architectural photomontage in which buildings under construction appear completely finished and decorated.

The apartments are located on the sea front and the proposal included the creation of a boardwalk that give itself a major attraction to the area. A privileged environment with perfect views in which to enjoy 365 days a year.

One of the most important factors producing the 3D architectural rendering was to select the best frame. From several photographs taken in situ was chosen the best one which reflects the feelings wishing to convey in the 3D architectural rendering.

Once selected the base image, we proceeded to model the architectural proposal for the apartments. Apartments with large terraces where enjoy the excellent sea views. At the same time, some wooden walkways that would share both pedestrians and cyclists were placed. The proposal includes terraced areas equipped with benches where the walkers can relax and enjoy the views.

To add realism to the image it was populated by native vegetation of the island of Ibiza. Dryland plants ideal for planting near the sea.

We are producing a new 3D architectural rendering of a building designed by the team of Arqcoas for an architectural competition. We hope to publish it shortly.


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