Architectural rendering of a luxury house in Saint Tropez, France

There are real estate investments that involve a large outlay for promoters and it increases even more when they are focused on the luxury sector. In these cases, it is essential to have some photorealistic architectural rendering that explain the project in a clear way and are part of a studied marketing strategy.
Architectural rendering exterior
In this project, the marketing strategy has, in addition to the photorealistic architectural rendering, a virtual tour included which will be used as an interactive tool that allows a walk through the different spaces to those who are interested in the luxury house. With the goal of obtaining architectural rendering as realistic as possible we had to include all the furniture according to the guidelines set in the interior design project.
Architectural rendering exterior

The classic luxury villa is located in a privileged spot on the coast of Saint Tropez. A 1000 m2 built villa in a 10000m2 plot that includes private gardens with ponds, a dense pine forest, trails and a spectacular pool with superb views to the Saint Tropez coast.

This is a refurbishment project that aims to maintain the essence of the existing home and must to be shown in the architectural rendering. Sloping roofs, arcades, and framed windows are preserved. The interior design is also maintained on the same line using light colours and classic furnishing.

Regarding the interior architectural rendering, besides modelling the basic 3D architecture of the building, we added the 3D models of furniture like chairs, armchairs and lamps that were defined in the interior design project. Once the modelling wass complete, we proceeded to the placement of materials. A work that required special delicacy in order to achieve the desired textures.

We hope to publish soon a new post including the virtual tour that we produced for the interior spaces of this luxury.


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