Architectural rendering of multi-family residential in Palma de Mallorca

The housing developer firm Taylor Wimpey commissioned us several architectural renderings for his new multi-family residential in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands.

The residential complex project is still in process and includes four residential buildings sharing green areas and a large swimming pool. The multi-family residential is located close to the local golf club and flanked by a dense forest.

The project solves the unevenness of ten meters of the plot through natural balconies where the buildings that composed the program are located. This way, two residential blocks are located at the highest part of the plot and the other two at the low part, creating an interior green common garden from were people can access to the buildings.

Taylor Wimpey requested interior architectural visualizations of the main rooms of the apartments, exterior 3d renderings to explain the location of the common areas and bird-eye views to show the position of the residential complex relative to the sea and the golf club.

The architectural renderings should have a sunny cloudless daylight. The renderings would be more attractive and will get good vibes about the benign weather conditions in the island.

The clients wanted that the architectural visualizations had a sober and modern interior design. For that reason they chose neutral modern furniture with a few splashes of color on elements such as cushions and paintings.

Taylor Wimpey wants to start, as soon as possible, the marketing of the apartments. The architectural renderings will be used on this marketing campaign as selling images and will be included on the website and in the information dossier of the multi-family residential complex.



  1. well done! I really like the interior images, but the exterior are great, too.

    • Thanks so much for you comment! We really appreciate it

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