Architectural rendering of townhomes in Las Carcavas, Madrid

Once again the office AM-architects commissioned us a set of exterior and interior architectural rendering for their new project of 8 townhomes in Las Carcavas, Madrid.
architectural rendering townhomes madrid

The assignment was to produce two exterior architectural rendering, one of the main facade and the other one of garden facade. The architectural rendering of the main facade should show the access to the townhomes and had to include people, trees and flowers to create a calm atmosphere that the developer wanted to convey.

The architectural rendering of the garden facade framed just one of the houses and should show the privacy offered by each of them as well as the individual pool that can be built into each townhouse since it is one of the main attractions of the development.

The main rooms were selected to produce the interior architectural renderings. For these internal views our team was responsible for the interior design, choosing furniture, lamps as well as the different textile decorative elements that best combine each other.

There was a former version of the bedroom’s visualization, a modern and casual bedroom. The housing developer finally decided to make a second version, with a more conventional decoration.

Regarding the architectural rendering of the kitchen, one architectural visualization was added to the original posed since it was difficult to the client to choose only one of them so he decided not to drop any of them.

This housing development is under construction so these architectural renderings were wanted to start the marketing process. The developer of the townhouses was looking for attractive visualizations to convince customers of the home-buying.

You can get more information from these townhomes and see the architectural rendering on the developer’s website.


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