Architectural rendering and virtual tour of a condominium in Isla de Maipo, Chile

In an increasingly competitive real estate market, it is essential to find new marketing actions that are appealing to the public. The virtual tour is one of the most successful tools of the moment, with it the buyer is able to visualize their future home and interact with it.

The real estate development company Urbeland is the developing a new condominium, “Condominio Jardines de la Isla”, located in Isla de Maipo, Chile. To run its marketing plan, they needed a few still 3D architectural rendering and a virtual tour 360 ° of one of the houses.

It is a condominium of 90 single homes with 3 different types. The job was to perform still architectural renderings of two types and a virtual tour of the other one.

To produce the still 3D architectural visualizations, we took particularly care on the materials of the façade houses, brick and white monolayer mortar, as well as specific vegetation that was defined on project.

The virtual tour begins in one of the streets of the condo from which you can see the three typologies of houses that make up the condominium. The atmosphere should be quiet and pleasant, ideal environment for family life.

Once inside the house, the virtual tour leads us by the main rooms of the house, living room, kitchen and bedroom. From the living room – dining room it is possible to access to the outside of the house. The exterior renderings should show the swimming pool and the barbecue since they are one of the attractions of the development since it offers the possibility of building it or not, according to the needs of each owner.

Thus the virtual tour is available show the interior and exterior spaces and tour the house as if it was built.

For further information of the condominium and see the architectural visualization, you can visit Urbeland’s website.


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