Architectural renderings building Lisbon

The architectural renderings of today, take us back to Lisbon. The Lusitanian capital is undergoing a profound renovation of its real estate assets. More and more foreign investors are committed to the rehabilitation of the classical buildings that are scattered throughout the city.

To promote these new operations, investors are betting on make architectural renderings. It is to capture in an image the result of the development after undergoing rehabilitation work.

After producing the architectural renderings of several new apartments in Lisbon, the client trusted again in us to make the architectural renderings for the new promotion that is developing. It is a new residential building located in the Chiado district, in the heart of Lisbon.

Once we received all the documentation needed, we began to review which could be the best views. At the same time, we proposed the apartment with the best distribution to start working. Once modelled, we began to work in the furniture placing.

With the previous works, we knew the tastes of the client, so the workflow was smoother. The working methods are clear for both and production time are streamlined.

Launched the first frames, the client selected the render to develop. With the selected views, we worked on the ambience. We populated vases, plants, paintings, textiles, etc. to bring life to the house.

For the exterior views, real photographs were taken on-site. Once defined the lighting and the points of view, we did a briefing for the photographer with the instructions to follow. Made the photo, we inserted in it the architectural rendering. This technique makes it difficult to differentiate the virtual from the real.

We are working on a new project in Lisbon. We hope to share these new architectural renderings as soon as we finish them. Stay tuned!

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