Architectural visualisation of dwellings in Barcelona

The architectural firm CMS architects contacted us and commissioned three exterior architectural visualisations and two interior views for their new housing development in Barcelona.

It is a building composed of ten dwellings distributed over ground floor and two floors. The facades are composed of red brick combined with stips of a darker hue brick and a carpentry both windows and blinds also in dark color.

CMS arquitectes had several architectural options to resolve the building for that reason they wanted to perform various tests on the 3D model. The 3D architectural visualisations allowed them to take easily this type of decisions.

One of the client requirements for the 3D visualisations was to highlight the great private gardens that have the ground floor apartments. The atmosphere was the clue for conveying that. We populate lots of green vegetation that contrasts with the colors of the brick facade and lighted the scene with a sunny and clear day. In addition to the vegetation, outdoor furniture were placed on the terraces of the houses. This type of atmosphere allowed to those interested in the acquisition of dwellings imagine enjoying them on a sunny day.

The spaces selected to develop the interior architectural renderings were the dining room and the kitchen. Just as the exterior architectural visualisations, the materials came perfectly defined in the memory of qualities of the project. In these interior architectural renderings, the choice of furniture and decoration was borne by our team.

Several tests were performed to find the points of view that were more attractive and effective for the sale of the dwellings. Finally, the client chose two points of view that show as much as possible and, at the same time, kept in the background the outdoor gardens.

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