Architectural visualisation of a study for a writer in New York

Architectural visualisation of the small building intended for the study of a writer in New York.

The workshop is located in the middle of a wooded area and flanked by a pond, which makes it a very suitable place for concentration and the writer’s work.

Once again, just as we did with the detached house in Pombal, we performed a search and research work in order to find a project in which good architecture and good photography were joined. All this has been possible thanks to the architecture firm Cooper Joseph Studio and the professional photographer Elliot Kaufman that we have served as inspiration to mimic their real images and turn them into virtual 3d images.

Taking as a model this architecture and the photographs we have built our own 3D model, we have recreated the architecture, the environment and vegetation, then we have reproduced the lighting conditions of the scenes, combining day and night lighting, and finally we have made the necessary photo retouching to make our images look like the real images as possible.

The development of these projects always involves a technical and artistic challenge, we hope you like the result. To view the real images you can click here.

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