Architectural visualization of an apartment building in Barcelona

Exterior and interior architecture visualization of a residential building located in Barcelona.

These renderings were requested by the architectural firm AVAstudio for a block of flats located in Barcelona. The images want to be an useful and attractive document to use for the sale of the homes.

Comfortable houses with difference between day and night zones. It also pointed out the day space that includes the living, dining room and kitchen that grants to the house a family atmosphere. The typology of the flats facing two directions allows natural ventilation and a pleasant ambience.

We made several tests with different points of view and we included our recommendations. Once our client had chosen the viewpoints we proceeded to the definition of the furniture and started to develop the renderings.

The requirements of AVAstudio architecture firm, to develop interior 3d renderings, were focused on a ceramic flooring, gray color, and white paint on the walls, ceilings and doors. In we took care of the interior design. Different solutions for different owners.

Interior 3d renderings show a wooden furniture which stands out against white and gray. Together with light colored carpets provide a special warmth to the ambience. Hanging and floor lamps give a final touch to the decor.

In the external 3d renderings the customer requirements were focused on the Ulma facade panels, a monolayer coating for the patios and outdoor floor tiles. All in gray color. Our team decided to place greenery to contrast with the gray color of the facades defined in the project.

We hope to work again with our client in future projects. The result has fulfilled the expectations of both.



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