Architectural visualization of a building in Switzerland

The Swiss architectural firm AC-architecture contacted us again requesting some architectural visualizations of the new project that are developing.

It is an architectural competition for designing a new apartment building in Switzerland. A Cooperative dwellings, an intermediate form between the traditional rental and property.

The plot is located in Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz a small location placed at the east of the city of Lausanne in Switzerland.

The proposal involves the construction of two buildings. On the one hand, a three-storey building that will allocate apartments, on the other hand, a ground floor L-shaped building that will be use as the Medical Office of the Swiss village. The two buildings stand creating a small plaza, a pleasant place with a remarkable social role.

One of the most important aspects of the proposal was to take care of the environmental factor. One of the sustainable measures that meets the project is the compact design of the building so that you avoid the loss of energy. Another interesting point is the installation of trees of wind that will generate energy to use in the residential complex.

The client requested two architectural visualizations of the project. An aerial view that showed the project integrated into the real surroundings. The second visualization would serve to show more details of the project for this reason it was decided to carry out an street view

We did several test to find the shots that the client was looking for. Once the points of view were defined the client took a real photograph to use to merge with the architectural visualzation.

For the eye level visualization we decided to place the camera in the square. A point of view closer to the user that invites you to enjoy the space.

The fluid communication with the team of architects was a key factor to achieve the visualizations. They were very satisfied both by the quality of the work and for the service received.

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