Architectural visualizations of a condominium neighborhood in Quebec, Canada

The architectural visualizations that we present here lead us to Quebec, Canada. The Jadco Development firm, specialized in the construction and development of luxury residential buildings, commissioned us two architectural visualizations of their new master-planned condominium neighborhood, encompassing five luxury residential buildings as well as retail shops, restaurants, spa and health club, located just minutes away from the city centre.
architectural visualizations condominium neighborhood

The client wanted to focus the architectural visualizations in the common areas of the project, specially in the central square, leaving the buildings in the background. Images should convey the lifestyle of the neighborhood consisted of young couples with a high purchasing power.

The commission included two views at different seasons of the year, one in spring and the other one in winter. The spring architectural visualization should be carried out in daylight, highlighting the pleasant atmosphere in the cafe terrace that occupies part of the central square. This place should be presented as a meeting point surrounded by the maples trees and the flowerbeds that were reproduced following the landscaping design. On the other hand, the winter architectural visualization should set at Christmas time. To do this, a night light was chosen to highlight a big Christmas tree at the edge of an ice rink that will occupy the central square during this season.

This work was a challenge for our team, since usually the client wants to prioritize the architecture in the 3D computer graphics. In this case, the main goal was to reproduce the atmosphere in the public space between the buildings during these two different seasons and the buildings should appear as mere props of the architectural visualizations.

One of the key points of the night cgi was the lighting of the scene. The buildings should be illuminated in such a way that the apartments look inhabited. This meant that the interiors would be seen so furniture and curtains were placed, and the balconies were decorated with Christmas baubles.

The main Christmas tree also required a lighting based on the famous tree of the Rockefeller Center in New York. The rest of maples trees should appear without leaf and full of lights.

Thanks to these renderings we have settled, for the first time in all these years, snow and ice materials. We made several test to improve our skills. New challenges that increase our techniques making us able to face any work.

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