Exterior architectural rendering semi-detached houses Las Carcavas, Madrid

Exterior architectural rendering of semi-detached houses in Las Carcavas, Madrid.

On the occasion of the Madrid International Real State Exhibition 2013 (SIMAEXPO), the architecture firm AM-arquitectos contacted us for the development of two exterior architectural renderings for their project of semi-detached houses located in Las Carcavas, Valdebebas, Madrid.

The project is located in the residential area of Las Carcavas, in Madrid. A new urbanization in a peaceful family atmosphere, which should be reflected in the 3D computer graphics.

An external architectural rendering should display, at the request of the client, a view from the street in which the accesses of the semi-detached houses were appreciated. In the second computer graphic the backyard of the houses should be shown. The project clearly differentiates between the two façades, making the access side more impervious to the public street and providing to the backyard facade with more transparency between interior and exterior.

Several tests were performed from different points of view so that the client could choose the frame of the exterior architectural rendering that could be more useful and an attractive for the sale of the semi-detached houses. In terms of lighting, the architects wanted to be daytime with a cloudless sky.

The project contains 10 semi-detached houses in which the predominant materials are white limestone and grey porcelain tiles that combine with large windows and wooden wall panels.

To provide a more realistic architectural rendering the interior of the houses were furnished, giving them a more homely appearance. On the same vein, grass and many plants were placed in the garden providing warmth to the space.

Once again, we have to thank our client, AM-arquitectos, for the facilities provided and the constant communication with our team that served to coordinate the work and meet the expectations of both. We hope to work together on future projects.

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