Virtual tour of a luxury house located in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California

Virtual tour of a luxury house located in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California

Today we present a new virtual tour of a luxury house located in the exclusive neighborhood of Bel Air, Los Angeles. This virtual tour completed the order requested by our client which included a 3D walkthrough animation of the house that we published in a previous post.

Both the video and the 360° tour of housing are tools to promote the company services of our client, a project developer. Once the housing has already been built begins the process of marketing, process in which the promotional walkthrough animation and the virtual tour are a great help.

These applications can be viewed both on desktop computers and mobile devices, phones and tablets. This feature facilitates the dissemination of information to the future buyers and it also allows to add commercial plans and extra information of the project. This tool also adapts to the needs of the client, being able to add trademarks logos, modify the buttons and/or control panel color changing the virtual tour interface to the corporate image of the company.

The luxury house consists of two floors. The tour begins on the ground floor which shows a view of the living room, the kitchen and the terrace with the swimming pool with the magnificent views of the city of Los Angeles. On the first floor, there is the main bathroom, in which the jacuzzi becomes the centerpiece to enjoy a relaxing bath overlooking the city.

As with the architecture animation the result was very satisfying for our customer. Thanks to the fluid communication and the swift exchange of ideas and opinions, we got a tool to promote services and product marketing that has given great results for our client. We hope you enjoy it and invite you to leave your comments.

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