Virtual tour of luxury house in Cote Azur

Virtual tour of a luxury house located in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, in the Cote Azur.

After making the renderings for this luxury house, the client returns to contact us to create this interactive virtual tour through the most representative rooms of the house.

The virtual tour supposes a very practical tool for our client for use during the commercialization because it can be reproduced on personal computer, smartphones and tablets without resorting to the obsolete paper. There is also the possibility of incorporating more information about the project as commercial plans or videos that finishes providing all the project details. The 3D virtual tour of the luxury house allows the future clients to understand the house before making the buying decision.


The development of the 3D virtual tour requires an extra effort because if usually the spaces that will be seen in the fixe image are decorated, in such products must be completely decorated and acclimate the spaces will be visiting.

In this regard, our architects training allows us to work closely with our clients, giving them options and advising them about the aesthetic possibilities of the housing and its different spaces.

The virtual tour begins in the main room of the luxury house, a majestic double height space from where both, the indoor and outdoor spaces,

The virtual tour begins in the central space of the luxury house. A majestic double height space where we can see the interior of the house as well as the exterior spaces with great pools and big terraces.

As the virtual tour continues along the house, each room are discovered, which mostly enjoy a magnificent sea views.

We are very pleased with the result of the virtual tour of this luxury house and hope to be able to return to work again with our client.


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