Virtual tour of a luxe villa in Saint Tropez

The virtual tour has become one of the most requested tools by our clients. The ease of use on any device as well the interactivity that provides the user makes it a perfect tool for the sale or the presentation of the projects.

After producing the still architectural renderings for a luxe villa in Saint Tropez, the client commissioned the virtual tour so that those interested in acquiring the villa had a user-friendly tool that facilitate the understanding of the spaces and furnished

One of the client requirements when illuminating the virtual tour scenes was that it was daylight. The location of the villa on the coast of Saint Tropez admitted no other lighting and should highlight the entry of sunshine through the windows

Other determinants for developing the virtual tour was the interior design project. In this project were detailed each of the furniture pieces to be included in every room as well as floors, colorful walls, lamps and any decorative feature. This led to extra work than usual since had modelled in 3D each piece of furniture with the characteristics that marked the interior design project.

The virtual tour consists of eight points matching position made in the still renderings. Therefore, the development of still images was thinking in its use for the virtual tour.

The virtual tour begins in the gardens of the villa. From here you can see the exterior facades and it allows to move towards the interior of the villa. Once in the lobby, you can enter the kitchen, lounge – dining room and bedroom that surround the central courtyard of the villa.

The still renderings together with the virtual tour will be handed to each interested in the purchase of the villa. A great presentation at the height of this spectacular luxe villa.

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