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Poblenou, Barcelona’s old industrial district, is becoming one of the most influential areas of the city. A prime enclave located just a stone’s throw from the sea and one of the leading centres for the development of offices and residential areas in Barcelona.

Meridia Capital has acquired almost a whole block of 43.400m2 in the technological district 22@, also known as Poblenou. The business group will carry out a comprehensive transformation of the block with the aim of converting it into a cutting-edge mixed-use complex, where both offices and residential buildings will be erected.

The office sector in Spain is in one of its best moments of recent years. Until December, the volume of investment in this market increased by 60% compared to 2016.

The architectural visualisations are a really effective tool to communicate these new office projects. Skateholders, potential clients, city councils, neighbourhood residents, etc. get a clear idea of the project that will be built.

The architectural firm GCA associated architects requested our services to perform four architectural visualisations of their proposal of an office building of one of the plots of this block in the 22@.

The architectural visualisations had to show the exterior of the building. Once modelled the building, different settings and several lighting tests were produced. Following the guidelines of the architectural firm, the points of view were agreed and opted for a daytime lighting for all the visualisations

With the defined views, we began to work in the environment. GCA wanted some architectural visualisations that highlighted the office buildings and the adjacent buildings to remain in the background as undefined volumes. We worked the props both streets and the building itself. We populate the street trees, the vegetation in the buildings and placed people on the streets and in the own buildings.

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