Visualisations Ille Seguin, RCR Arquitectes

RCR arquitectes, recent winners of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize 2017, are developing a new project in the city of Paris.

The project is located in the Ille Seguin, a location currently unused since the closure of the old Renault factory that occupied the site. The project, located at the northern end of the Ille Seguin, will have a multidisciplinary cultural center, a multiplex cinema and a hotel.

This new cultural offering aims to complete the concert halls “Seine music” located at the other end of the island and which will open its doors next month of April 2017. Turning Ille Seguin into a new tourist attraction for the city.

The Catalan trio RCR arquitectes has designed the Cultural Centre, a new icon of the city that will be visible from various points and visited by local residents and tourists from all over the world. The Austrian architects firm Baumschlager-Eberle are incharge of the annexed hotel, which will feature artworks of young French artists in each of their rooms.

Again, RCR arquitectes, requested three architectural visualisations that showed several views of the Cultural Center. Two exterior visualisations from the other side of the river and a final visualisation that focused on the access to the same.

To develop these images we worked jointly with the two studies of architecture since the two buildings would be reflected in the 3D visualisation. The architectural visualisation were making through drawings, reference images, reference materials, etc.

Once the points of view and lighting were defined, we worked into the post production phase with materials, trees, and people. Through small adjustments the final visualisation was ready.

We hope to publish soon new projects of the Catalan firm RCR arquitectes and above all congratulate them for this very deserved Pritzker Prize. Congratulations to all the RCR team!

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