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Services: 360 Dynamic tour, Renderings, Interior design and landscaping

We developed a 360 Dynamic tour and some renders of a new house in Santañi, Mallorca. The marketing of this new development required images with which to enhance the uniqueness of this magnificent project.

The 360 Dynamic tour is a really useful tool for online sales. With it, the user can discover all the spaces of the house in an interactive way. The prospective buyer is the one who sets the pace of the visit, being able to delve into the areas that generate the most interest.

Once the 360 Dynamic tour has been developed, we generate the still renderings. These images complete the marketing material that the developers were looking for. Renderings are very versatile as they are perfect for including in brochures or websites and even for spreading the content on social networks.

Bonet Moreno is a company with a long history in the real estate sector. Among their projects are special houses located in Santañí, in the east of Mallorca. Santañí is a quiet town with incredible landscapes that, step by step, is opening an important gap in the real estate map of the Balearic island.

More and more clients are looking for this type of destination to settle in. Quiet and rustic places with nearby coves of white sand and crystalline waters. A combination that makes Santañi a booming place.

Ses Valentines is the name of this new property. A new house with traditional Mallorcan architecture features. Native materials such as stone and marés walls and typical elements such as green Mallorcan blinds are easily recognizable in this project.

In addition to the 360 Dynamic tour and the renderings, we collaborated with Bonet Moreno in the interior design and landscaping. Through reference images, we adjusted the style that the developer wanted. A work that seeks to highlight the importance of the exterior space and to present it as the key point of the project.

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