3D Architectural renderings of a detached house at Portugal

3D Architectural renderings of the single family dwelling projected by the architects Pedro Santos and Rita Codeiro (P&R Architects) placed at Pombal, Portugal.
exterior 3d rendering detached house Portugal

This set of renderings continue exploring the possibilities of dusk lighting, as we did in the architectural renderings for the apartment building in Copenhague.

We are going to continue making 3d renderings of interesting and attractive buildings like this because it allows us to explore new ways of virtual representation, which is usually very complicated with real commissions.

This time 3D model has been built up using SketchUP, that allows us to share the 3D models with our customers so they can review their projects in real time without having to wait the preliminary views of the images. This facilitates the decision making process during the project, which will certainly appeal to our customers.

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