3D Prototype of a kid’s lamp

3D Prototype of a new kid’s lamp for product development and commercialization.

We present a new category on our website, prototype 3D. It’s a category for product designers.

Designer Maddeleine Webb hired our services to make the 3D prototype of her kid’s lamp series called aloka Sleepy Light. An initial set of 13 models but with the intention to increase production.

The 3D prototype of the lamps allows to obtain identical images of the product. Both for existing models or for future. A quick and guaranteed way to get the same features, avoiding the problem of reproducing the conditions of a photo studio in different periods of time. When adding a new model to the series the product rendering is immediately available to included it on the website aimed at selling online.

The peculiarities of the design make impossible, by conventional photography methods, to see the reflected colours of the lamp on white background once it is illuminated. Only could get it on black background. This was a problem for the presentation of the product because the black background looked too aggressive for a children product. The development of the prototype 3D solved this problem.

The lamp is composed by two methacrylate pieces that fit together. One of the pieces takes the form of the white printed drawing. The second one serves as lamp foot and includes the leds that light up the drawing.

One of the most attractive lamp features is that has 13 different colours and 4 extra functions that can be set by a remote control.  The extra functions are: minimum light intensity button, timer switch off, rainbow button and maximum light intensity.

Besides these renderings we are developing a new tool to use in e-commerce. An interactive tool that allows the user to manipulate the object in an almost real way before you decide to buy it. As soon as we get it we will publish a new post talking about this interactive product in our website.


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