3D Rendering of an apartment building in Copenhagen

Normally the architectural renderings that we make are used as sales tools. When we make images of homes we seek to convey a cozy and vital feeling to the potential buyers so they immediately can imagine themselves sitting on one of the terraces of the building.

However these renderings are not the result of an assignment, we have done them as a means of exploring new forms of representation, more and more linked to the feeling that seeks to produce in the Viewer. The architecture is a substantial part of the image but acts as a background, leaving the principal role to our central character.

3d architectural visualisation copenhagen 2

The images attempt to convey the loneliness that we might feel walking at night along the docks of Copenhagen.

These renderings have been a break for us. We were a little saturated of residential images stained with happiness. At night there are also city.

The project is owned by the firm BIG architects.

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