3D rendering and concept design of a luxe hotel in Marbella

When investors seek to carry out a property development it is essential to have some striking images that get convince the stakeholders of the suitability of the project.

These striking images result more attractive and functional than the classic architectural drawings. With them the investors are able to visualize the space getting an entirely realistic views of the possibilities that it offers.

In this case, the client have a plot in which it is allowed to build a luxe hotel and wanted some 3D rendering to get investors to develop the project. The assignment was to make a concept design of the hotel that showed the main ideas and produced four renderings from it.

From Berga & Gonzalez architects we take care of the hotel’s concept design as well as the interior design of it main spaces. In this project we count with the collaboration of Albert Marín from Graph and Jesus Boyero from Visualizers.

The plot is located in the Golden Mile of Marbella and has spectacular sea views. That location demanded the use of golden elements in the decoration of the spaces and the presence of palm trees and outdoor pools in the exterior renderings.

The commissioned also included producing five 3D rendering. It was decided to make two exterior visualizations which show the front of the hotel and the rear area where the pools are located. For the interior visualizations we chose to develop the hotel lobby and one of the suites.

The lighting of the scenes was chosen considering that would create an atmosphere of harmony in which to relax and enjoy the charms of the hotel. Therefore, we chose to illuminate with daylight scenes of the pool and the room and use night lighting in the entrance and the lobby scenes that would be associated to the glamour of the Marbella nights.

The 3D rendering were a key element in the meeting with the investors. A really useful tool for convincing investors and explain visually the excellence of the plot.

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