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That a picture is worth a thousand words, it is well known. The images are communication. They allow us to convey the main ideas of the project regardless of who the client is and, above all, they transmit sensations.

The architectural rendering is a key tool to make an excellent architectural communication. Through these 3D renderings, we can capture the attention of stakeholders and highlight the major strengths of the building.

Another tool in great demand nowadays is the architectural animation that has become an essential of the architectural communication. This type of content can become viral and offer a huge spread in the community.

Both through the 3D architectural rendering and architectural animations, it is possible to capture the attention of those interested. We manage to bring closer to the client and put it in a situation, thus accelerating the decision making process.

On this occasion, we carry out 3D renderings of a new office building in Chicago. It’s a new 750,000 GSF and a 17-storey building designed by the architecture firm Gensler. A building with a focus on walk ability and an unparalleled set of amenities as the lounge, terraces, gym and even a basketball court.

Our experience in this type of project makes easier the selection of the best views of the project. Once the points of view were accepted, by the client, we move into the post-production phase.

Through Photoshop, we can adjust the lighting, the white balance, etc. It is at this stage when we add people or backgrounds of real photographs if the architectural rendering requires it. On this project the 3D rendering of the aerial view was merge into real photographs taken in situ by drone.

Hoping to publish new projects designed by Gensler that we are working right now. Stay tuned!

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