3D visualisation master plan Asia

Thousands of architectural projects are developed every day in the world. Each of them will be presented to an audience that will give their opinion about it, either for or against.

In this sense, it is key to getting a good architectural communication and thus achieve the success of each of the projects. Good communication allows you to transmit sensations and places the target in a situation.

Therefore, it is important to have high-quality architectural visualisations. They are the best presentation letter of the architectural proposal. Through them, it is possible to connect with the public more easily; it allows them to view it in a real way and highlight the singular points of the project.

The architectural firm Jerde, based in Los Angeles, USA, contacted us requesting a few 3D visualisations of the new project that are developing. It is a new master plan in Southeast Asia. The overall master plan includes a retail centre, an exhibition hall, office towers and a mixed-use residential tower.

The architectural visualisations seek to present the design proposal to the client. Each of the renderings shows different areas of the masterplan with different lighting and ambiences.

With the visualise areas selected, we proposed different points of view until finding the best frames. The aim was above all to find wide spaces in which to show the architecture of the proposal inspired by the cultural model present in the area.

Once the points of view were accepted, different lightings were tested. Each 3D visualisation places the target in three different daily situations: family, work and leisure. As much for the rendering of the family day as for the one of businesses environment, we opted for daylight mood. On the other hand, for the 3D visualisation of leisure, we go for a night lighting.

Finally, we went to the post-production phase. Characters, cars and all the props were placed to achieve the desired atmosphere. We finished adjusting the colour and some other minor adjustments for get the final 3D visualisation.

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