Architectural animation in Majorca

Architectural animations are a very helpful tool to get the interest of the prospective buyers.

The increasingly widespread use of social media has become these architectural animations one of the most demanded services by our clients. Its use in different platforms generates thousands of visits and helps to disseminate it naturally.

After making the animation and the architectural renderings of a luxury villa in Son Vida, the developer company Mallorca Heritage contacted us again requesting another animation and some architectural renderings of the last project that they are developing.

This new housing building is located in the neighbourhood of San Agustin, in Cala Major, Mallorca. An area in a boom, which stands out for its beautiful beach and its proximity to the city centre.

The dwellings are located on the beachfront. These homes have exclusive access to the beach and spectacular views from almost any point of the houses.

In a first phase, the still renderings were defined while the architectural animation was carried out at a later stage. Given the location of dwellings, we opted for a daytime lighting for all the set of renderings and video, a light that emphasises the blue of the sea and sky.

Once defined the lighting, the cameras were settled to find the most attractive renderings that best suited to the marketing campaign since the sale will be off-plan.

As for the architectural animation, we prepare a storyboard which included the main scenes of the film. Once approved, we start working. The frames of all the rooms were rendered, and we filmed a real footage of the beach of Cala Major.

Finally, after launching all the scenes in high resolution, we looked for a piece of music that accompanied the architectural animation. With the music selected, all frames were adjusted to synchronise them with the music.

Hope you enjoy it!

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