Architectural rendering and concept design of apartments in El Gouna

Many clients who contact with Berga&Gonzalez want some images that seduce and convince investors of the suitability and the benefits of their business idea. With some architectural renderings they can view immediately the possibilities that this idea offers.
Architectural rendering El Gouna

Sometimes the clients do not have a project so they request our services for the development of a concept design. Our training and experience as architects enable us to carry out this type of work.

In this case, the client did not have an architectural project. He had just a plot and a business idea, he wanted to build dwellings and tourist apartments. From Berga & Gonzalez we take care of making the concept design of these apartments.

Through some reference images selected by the client we start working. These images help us to know the architectural style that seeks the client and move on in the right direction. With them we can also guide us on lighting styles and the general atmosphere that he seeks.

The plot is located in El Gouna, a tourist region on the Red Sea in Egypt. The residential complex will allocated European tourists so the architectural style should adjust to modern architecture away from the typical buildings of the region.

The 3D model was performed at the same time that the project was defined. Once the architecture was fully defined we put cameras to choose the best shots. With cameras placed we proceeded to liven up the scenes.

El Gouna is a sunny and windswept region so the renders lighting should be in daylight. The central pool should have a leading role so it should appear in almost all the architectural renderings. The vegetation should be the native of the area such as acacias and palms trees.

The client is very satisfied with the work, concept design and architectural renderings, so he made new commitments that we expect to publish soon.

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