Architectural rendering of apartments in Lisbon

Today’s post we show you our latest interior design project. In addition to the realization of the architectural rendering, for this work we also liven up all the rooms.

A growing number of clients entrust us the interior design of the homes to give them warmth and, at the same time, gain attractiveness to the market. It is one of the key aspects to increase the chances of sale and attract potential buyers.

After completing the interior design and the architectural rendering of these apartments, we return to the Portuguese capital with this new work.

It is the refurbishment of a building of the 19th century, located in one of the most famous districts of Lisbon, the Chiado. These works will transform it into a luxury residential building consisting of five apartments and garage.

The restoration of this building has been undertaken in a manner to retain the majority of the buildings recoverable original pombaline features but add all the comforts required for luxurious modern living.

The commissioned included developing the interior design of eight rooms of one of the homes and ten architectural renderings of the project. To know the style that the client was looking for we prepared a moodboard involving different reference images.

Once modeling the spaces, several cameras were tested to find the frames best showed the apartments. Once agreed the points of view, we proceed to liven up the scenes. To do this, we follow the style chosen in the moodboard.

The client placed special emphasis on the need to enhance the backgrounds of the architectural rendering since it is a key factor in the purchase of dwellings. These are real photographs taken on-site by the client and which correspond with the actual views that will have the homes.

Shortly, we will publish another project in which we are still working that is also located in Lisbon.

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