Architectural rendering of a dwellings development in Sant Antoni, Ibiza

In an increasingly competitive real estate market is evident the need of some stunning architectural renderings which differentiate from the competition and get the attention of prospective buyers.

The exterior architectural renderings produced on this occasion were commissioned by the architectural firm Arqcoas for the housing project that they are developing in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza.

The architectural renderings will be allocated to promote the sale of the dwellings by the development company. Therefore one of the main requirements resided in producing attractive sale images. A few architectural renderings with daylight where the sun shines, a stunning architectural renderings that could seduce the future owners of the suitability of these homes.

The project consists of two blocks of flats with ground floor and first floor, located in an area that belongs to a new urban development of the island. Highlights of white brick facades combined with claddings of grey aluminum as the carpentry. The project highlights public areas that are created between two blocks of flats. A big swimming pool surrounded by greenery dominates the space.

The two exterior architectural renderings were produced to explain the architectural design of the project, a view from the street and a second view showing the common areas of the development. The third architectural rendering produced would be used exclusively for the marketing of the homes. A colorful and contrasting architectural rendering that captures the community atmosphere that want to be created.

Several tests were done to find the best frames that would show the project. The fluent communication with the architectural firm Arqcoas facilitated obtaining the views that interested all parties.

Once finished the exterior architectural renderings the clients request a new set of interior architectural renderings that included the living and the bedroom of one of the homes.

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