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Architectural renderings

We present you the visualizations we made for the last project designed by Goldfinger Architects. An architectural studio based in Bordeaux.

The team of architects wanted to show in an attractive way their proposal of three new buildings in a peripheral area of Bordeaux. The presentation of the project would be made to the local authorities who would decide on its feasibility.

Architectural visualisations are an excellent tool for achieving good communication. Through the images, the team of architects is able to convey the main characteristics of the project. They manage to reflect the dimensions, geometry, materials or any other particularity that should be highlighted.

On the other hand, the architectural renderings are perfect to catch the attention of the public. The technical documentation needed to develop any project is difficult to understand for anyone outside the architectural world. By means of the different visualizations the global understanding of the project is facilitated.

The unification of the global aspects referring to the presentation of the project is particularly valuable. The colours, the renderings, the typography or the composition of the plates are values that unify the identity of each architectural studio and that, in addition, represent an exponential improvement in the impact of the presentation.

The proposal developed by Goldfinger Architects is based on the construction of two buildings that will house offices and shops and a third auxiliary parking building. Each one of them is composed of different materials that mark the use to which they will be put. In the office buildings we will find wood and glass, while concrete will be the predominant material in the parking building.

The three buildings accentuate a great transparency by means of large glass facades. A modern design is pursued in the limits between interior and exterior are blurred. We leave you a link in which you will find more information of the project as well as our renders.

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