Architectural rendering of a restaurant in Ibiza

The architectural renderings tha we want to share today take us back to Ibiza. It is a new resort which will be known as Tarida Beach, wll be located in Cala Tarida, and will house a spa, a restaurant and an outdoor pool area.
architectural rendering restaurant ibiza

The commission included three exterior architectural renderings and one interior. The team of architects and interior designers composed by Nuria Albiol and Sandra Colom needed a few images that transmitted calmness and tranquility as the design required.

One of the requirements of the designers was to have some architectural renderings in daylight where the sun shines and had a clear and cloudless sky. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy a perfect day in the resort.

The aerial view would be used to understand the different volumes that compose the resort. Volumes of white appearance and straight lines, simulating the traditional architecture of the island of Ibiza. For the rest of the images, they wanted a view of the terrace of the restaurant and another one that framed the spa area.

Once all the resort was modeled, several tests were produced until we found the most attractive point of view for each of the spaces that the client wanted to represent. Once defined the frames that the architectural renderings would take place in, we proceeded to apply the materials to the scene

Specially selected furniture combined with varied textiles in which the neutral tones dominated as well as small decoration objects were placed in order to achieve a photorealistic architectural rendering.

The interior view of the restaurant involved a greater effort since it implied a high level of detail on the different elements that makes up the architectural rendering.

Finally, real backgrounds were placed through photographs taken in place so that the architectural rendering would remain integrated with its real environment.


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