Architectural renderings of apartment in Lisbon

Having photorealistic renderings for a new housing development is basic to guarantee the quick sale of them.

Thanks to this kind of images, the prospective buyers can see clearly what their future home will be without having to understand all the technical documentation that accompanies the project.

In addition to visualising the architecture itself, it is easy to check materials and finishes and even have some idea for the interior decoration once acquired.

On this occasion, the project is located in the Centre of Lisbon, it is a building built in 1920 which will be transformed into a residential building with 7, having one for each floor with an approximate area of 200m2

The commission included five architectural renderings, one from the exterior showing the result of the rehabilitation of the facade and four interior renderings showing the main rooms of the apartment as the living, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom.

On this occasion, in addition to the architectural visualisations, we take care of all the interior design of one of the apartments. Colours, furniture, textiles and all the props were chosen very carefully in order to give life to all spaces.

As on other occasions, we used a mood board including multiple reference images to find the style that the client was looking for. This technique is particularly effective since it is easy to understand what the client wants through the images.

Several tests were done from different points of view until finding the frames that best represented the spaces. With the approved points of view, details and materials were defined and the renderings were launched in high definition.

Subsequently, the post-production phase was begun and the colours, the general lighting and several details were balanced in order to aim the desired realism to the renderings.

We are working on another project in Lisbon which we hope to publish soon. Stay tuned for the new architectural visualisations that we are preparing.

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