Architectural renderings Malaga Plaza

The Malaga Plaza shopping centre, built in 1993, will undergo a complete renovation to boost its appeal in the face of the visitors and commercial operators. Through an architectural competition, a fresh and current look is sought, according to new design trends. And nothing better than an architectural rendering to capture the proposal

The project, designed by the studio of architecture SML, is committed to offering a radical change of appearance. Starting by providing a clean, modern and bright image through colour white and increasing the level of lighting.

The second line of action focuses on the arrangement of all the architectural elements. With continuous floors and elements lined with wooden panels is achieved mix finishes and solutions.

The project mainly aims to create a point of attraction for customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. A garden will be designed in the central part to invite users to get to the down floor and enjoy this urban pedestrian square, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The team of architects requested two interior architectural renderings in which all the planned renovation actions were appreciated and, above all, the concept of the project, the interior garden, stood out.

We tested different points of view until we found the best architectural renderings that explained the proposal. In this work, we paid particular attention to all the vegetation as it was the project proposal base.

With points of view, furniture and vegetation accepted, we launched the architectural renderings in high resolution, and we start the post-production phase. In this one, we carried out various lighting adjustments to get the desired effect. Finally, we place people to offer the own activity of the shopping centre.

From here we take the opportunity to congratulate the team of architects for winning the first prize in this architectural competition. Congratulations to the whole team!

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