Architectural video Villa Royale

Architectural videos have become a very effective tool to show unbuilt projects. The rapid dissemination through social media makes it one of the most demanded products.

In sixty seconds, it is possible to transmit the most outstanding values of the project and thus increase its attractiveness. Location, qualities or just the small details with which you want to seduce potential buyers.

The real estate developer Peak One Group is working on a new project. After developing with us the video of their residential complex Sa Puntassa, they contacted us again to generate some renderings and a video of a detached house in Mallorca, the villa Royale.

Villa Royale is located in Andratx, in the southwest of the island where the Tramuntana mountain range is born. An impressive natural enclave in which sea and mountain meet. Spectacular views that that should be reflected in the architectural video.

In the first phase, we developed the architectural renderings of the villa. Some still images that will be used for the sales dossier and other marketing material. In Berga & González we develop all the landscaping of the outdoor garden and the interior design of the interior spaces. With this, we manage to offer greater exclusivity to the property since all the areas are thought out to the maximum detail.

In the second phase, the architecture video was developed. With the interior and the exterior spaces worked, we started to place the cameras. Frames, illumination, endless combinations to achieve a suggestive result that manages to engage potential audiences.

For the backgrounds, we decided to take shots in situ. In this way, more realism is achieved by showing the real views that the villa will have.

Another highlight of the architectural video is music. Thanks to it, it is possible to create a harmonized conductive thread and enliven the entire visualization.

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