Architectural visualisation building in Chicago

Property developments often contact us requesting some commercial architectural visualisations to seduce the prospective buyers and get the long-awaited sale of each one of the houses that composes the property development.

On this occasion, the architectural firm contacted directly with us asking for two architectural visualisations that would serve to explain the architectural proposal to the promoter. At the same time, they will be use for the marketing of the future housing.

We return to work in the USA with this project of housing in the city of Chicago, designed by the firm of architecture Radutny architects. The project is located in a suburb of Chicago of industrial origin, which is in the process of conversion.

The project seeks to maintain the air industrial but at the same time adapted to an architecture more avant-garde. The diagram of the building is of getting a base solid black cover by a metallic veil with which keep the touch industrial.

The base of the building is composed of black concrete blocks while the entire top is covered by a corrugated galvanized panels that provide movement and reflexions to the entire façade showing a variety of colors throughout the different seasons of the year.

For this reason it was decided to make two architectural visualisations from different angles and with different atmospheres. The first architectural visualisation opted for a view in foreshortening that recalled the terraces of dwellings and with a dusk and winter mood. A front view in autumn was chosen for the second architectural visualisation.

Once set the views and the moods to each one of them we launched the architectural visualisations in high quality and we began the post production phase. We populated people in order to bring more realism to the architectural visualisations and closer them to the end user.

Both the developer and the architectural firm were very satisfied with the quality of the final visualisations, and thus we hope to collaborate in new projects shortly.

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