Architectural visualisation dwellings in Barcelona

There is a growing number of developers who decide to embark on rehabilitation projects. There are several reasons to opt for this variant of the architecture although the most important continues to be to preserve the heritage of the cities protecting them of its original character.

The international real estate firm Lucas Fox specializing in luxury home contacted us requesting 11 architectural visualisation of the new housing project that are developing. These images will be included in the marketing brochure that will be delivered to those interested in the acquisition of dwellings.

The premise of this work was to focused on producing images as realistic as possible that were easily confused by real photographs

To do this, we paid special attention to details and to the materials defined in the qualities memory done by the assigned team of architects. It should faithfully reproduced the ornamental elements of the building and the colour of the different architectural elements according to the specifications of the project

The architectural visualisation should show the most representative spaces of the housing development as the facade, the terrace, the living, bathrooms and the lobby.

For this project we carried out the interior design. We selected several reference images with different styles in order to choose the one that best suits with the target of the housing development. Once defined we place the furniture in order to get the approval from the client.

We placed several cameras to get the best views of the homes. Once the client selected the frames that best fit their needs we jump to the next phase.

With the frames defined and the furniture placed, we put the small decorative elements which contribute to get the intended realism to the render. Lamps, pictures, plants, cushions and curtains bring warmth to the architectural visualisation, making it a powerful sale weapon.

We leave the link of the website made by Lucas Fox for this promotion called Balmes 141 where you will find all our architectural visualisation as well as all the details of the project.

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