Architectural visualisation residential in Gijon

Each day new real estate developments begin in our country. It is essential to achieve to differentiate yourself from the competition. And nothing better than doing it with a suitable marketing material, an attractive material with which to seduce the prospective buyers.

A well-designed marketing plan allows a rapid return on investment. This plan sets the material to be generated either still architectural visualisation, virtual tour 360 or video of architecture. At the generated content will follow the same line, so that the message will be unified.

On this occasion, the real estate company CSB contacted us requesting a few still architectural visualisations with which to promote their new residential building.

It is a new residential building located in Gijón, Spain. A careful design that maintains the characteristic materials of the area. Some facades of brick face view combine with large terraces in which enjoy magnificent views of the West Park.

Several points of view were raised to choose the best frames of the visuals. We sought to capture the main selling attractions like the large gardens, the proximity to the West Park and the high quality of the common facilities.

The exterior architectural visualisations had to be general view in which the complete facades of the building were shown. As for the interior visuals, more limited scenes were proposed that managed to convey positive feelings.

Once elected the points of view, we launched the renderings in high-quality resolution. With the architectural visualisation rendered we go to the post-production phase: we adjusted the lighting, the colour of the materials and balanced colours. This phase is also characterized by the atmosphere of the scenes. It is here where we populate people to manage to place in the scene the prospective buyer.

We hope you like the result and tell us your impressions.

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