Architectural visualisation Roxy Theater in Sydney

We return to work in Australia, this time with RAA architects for the development of an architectural visualisation in the city of Parramatta, known as the second city of Sydney.

Nowadays it is possible to work remotely with any part of the world. The daily use of the email along with the video conferencing allows a fluid communication regardless of the location of the client.

The architecture office RAA architects is currently developing a new project, a 36-storey tower. This tower will be placed over the top of an ancient theatre built by the Spanish Mission in the year 1930.

This architectural visualisation seeks to get the support of the State Heritage Council of the city. The idea is to confirm to the public that adding a tower above the existing Theater will not reduce its existing heritage value.

In addition to this tower, it is planned to build another two in the adjacent plots, even without a project, which will offer a new and more modern look to the city.

The commissioned included two exterior visualisations from different views and a section explaining how the new tower will affect the existing Roxy Theater. This section will show the different uses that the building will have in each level.

To develop these 3D renderings, we assumed the neighbouring buildings since there is still no firm project. It is an approximation of how the city will change according to the new urban planning.

Once defined the points of view, we launched the architectural visualisation in high definition, and we start the post-production of the images. People were populated, we adjusted the lighting and the transparencies in the street trees, as the client requested.

Here you have the link to the Daily Telegraph which gives more news about the project and appear our architectural visualisation.

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