Architectural visualization of The Bridge Golf Club, NY

When architects present a proposal for a new architectural design to their clients, it is essential to have some realistic architectural visualizations of quality to explain the project in a visual way.

There are many people outside the architectural world that looking at only the plans of the project are unable to imagine the proposal. The architectural visualizations are one of the most effective tools to convey the idea of the project to the clients.

The architectural office Roger Ferris + Partners contacted us requesting three architectural visualizations of the new project that are developing. It is a teaching Pavilion located at the prestigious The Bridge Golf Club, in New York, USA.

The main building was awarded the AIA Connecticut and New York State AIA awards in 2010. And in 2015 the client trusted again on Roger Ferris + Partners for the design of the new Pavilion of the driving range.

The Pavilion is a simple lines design. A concrete box opened by two side that houses a secondary compartmentalized wooden box that open toward the driving range. The building has a sculpture on the top in honor of the old Bridgehampton Motor Racing Circuit.

The renderings were needed in daylight, a perfect sunny day to play golf. The cloudless blue sky should be contrasted with the intense green of the grass of the driving range.

Three views of the Pavilion were carried out. A front view to show the dimensions of each room. The other two views were foreshortened with opposite directions. On the one hand, they wanted to show the main building of the club and, on the other hand, the magnificent views over the sea.

Here you wll find the last work we did with this team of architects, the architectural rendering of a luxury villa in Dune Road, NY.

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