Architectural visualization of an office building in Honduras

One of the common uses that architectural visualization is intended for is to attract future investors on the suitability of the project highlighting its qualities through some stunning visualizations.
architectural visualizations building honduras

Other times, as happened in this work, the project developers want to commission photorealistic visualizations aimed directly to the future owners since often they are oblivious to the architectural world and some images help them understand better the project.

In either case, it underscores the need to dispose of architectural visualizations to help achieve the aim sought.

The project is located in Honduras, specifically in the city of San Pedro Sula. It is part of the second phase of the development known as Nuevos Horizontes and complement the tower houses that form the first phase. It is a 20-storey tower that will house offices, shopping and parking. The tower consists of four volumes displaced from each other wrapped by a curtain wall that stands between a magnificent surroundings.

The commission included the production of 4 exterior visualizations and 3 interior visualizations. One of the client’s requirements was to keep the volume of the tower in the exterior architectural visualizations however the client offered complete freedom to develop the interior spaces. Since there was not a defined project of the interior spaces, the client commissioned us to distribute these spaces and develop the interior design.

We carried out several frames to find the points of view that best explained the project and at the same time were more attractive for selling the project. Several lightings were tested in order to offer different atmospheres to the scene, finally the client chose all architectural visualizations with the day lighting except one that was during night.

We leave the link to the development website where you can see the architectural visualizations of this office tower.


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