Architectural visualization of a building in Perth, Australia

We are back in Australia with this architectural visualization produced for the architectural firm Christou. The client is immersed in a new construction project in Perth. This time is a mixed-use building located on a corner plot in the center of the city.
Architectural visualization building Perth

The architectural visualization should capture a building of sophisticated design in which the integration of three uses that will contain, the commercial, residential and a commercial ground floor were shown. The three upper floors will be used for housing leaving the first three for offices and the ground floor to a luxury restaurant.

The building stands out for its transparency. A glazing curtain wall system that wrap the building. The curtain wall is equipped with a glass louvers that allow ventilation to the constructive system. As an element of sun protection a few vertical aluminum uprights are placed that are multiply in the houseplants to give them greater privacy.

The client requested an architectural visualization of an aerial view with the intention of presenting it to the city hall and get the necessary permits for approval. This aerial view also serve to introduce the promoter the final appearance of the building in relation to the existing surroundings. The services of a drone were hired to obtain real images where integrate the architectural visualization of the building.

To achieve a more striking image, it was decided to produce an architectural visualization with a night mood. A building where the lighting offers more drama to the architectural visualization. The lighting of the building was differentiated depending on the use, a continuous and homogeneous light for offices and a quieter light for homes.

Another aspect that offer realism to the architectural visualization is the setting of the whole image. The uses were differentiated, in addition to lighting, with greenery. Some specific plant offices while in the housing the vegetation increased significantly.

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