Architectural visualization of the University of Lleida

For some time we have not had the opportunity to produce architectural visualizations for architectural competitions. It is exciting and at the same time stimulating to become part of these teams producing the visualizations for these architectural competitions.

The architectural firm Arqcoas was selected to participate in the restricted architectural competition for the extension of the veterinary Faculty of Lleida planned for the year 2016. To this end, they commissioned an external architectural visualization that explain their proposal.

The extension is focused on the creation of a building annexed to the existing set which will house the new facilities of the veterinary medicine University of Lleida. The existing set of buildings are characterized by its compactness, some adjusted windows holes and especially by the red brick facades.

The architectural proposal intends to continue the architectural lines of the existing buildings. The architectural design is founded following basic parameters of sustainability and keeps the existing facades of brick material.

Several tests were done to find an attractive frame that serve to attract the attention of the jury of the architectural competition. Finally, the client decided to perform a render that capture the space created between the existing building and the new extension.

The architectural visualization should focus on this new covered square dominated by an access staircase which gives to the project a distinctive of color. One of the strengths points of the proposal resides in this space that will serve as a meeting point between the different buildings.

The client chose a daytime and sunny light to illuminate the rendering scene. At the same time, different people were populated in the image to give more realism to the architectural visualization. In this way, the architectural rendering could convey the atmosphere that the architects want to create for this space.

From here, we want to give our most sincere congratulations to the team of architects of the firm Arqcoas since they have been winners of the architectural competition.

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