Architectural visualization and interior design apartment in Lisbon

It is essential to have good images to achieve a successful marketing of a real estate development. The architectural visualizations should be sufficiently attractive for the consumer to influence him and cause the final purchase decision.

Renders must show the homes in the best possible way and should highlight their qualities trying that you stand out from the competition to influence sales. Therefore, the interior design plays a decisive role.

After producing the interior design and the architectural visualizations of a block of flats in the district of el Chiado, the client contacted us again and commissioned the interior design and the visualizations of a new building.

It is an old hospital built in the 1930s, located in the Taipas street, near the garden of São Pedro de Alcântara. Actually the building is very damaged so it need an imminent renovation.

The refurbishment will transformed the old hospital into a luxury residential building of twelve apartments with garage. The renovation will give a new aspect to the building, but without renouncing its most characteristic details.

The commission included making the interior design of the most representative spaces of the housing and at the same time generate ten visualizations of these spaces that will be used for the marketing of the homes.

On this occasion the client provided us a dossier which collected multiple reference images that reflected the desired style. This point is essential because it shows us the ideas and expectations that the client has.

With the points of view defined and accepted by the client, it began to liven up the scenes. Furniture, textiles and furnishing were placed in order to get the attractive visualization sought.

Finally, the backgrounds from actual photographs taken in the current building were placed. Thus highlights one of the biggest attractions of the homes, the incredible views of the city of Lisbon.

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