Architectural visualization of a luxury house in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles

Once again, through our USA office, 14 architectural visualizations of a luxury home located in the prestigious neighborhood of Palos Verdes in Los Angeles were commissioned.

The project is under construction although in order to finish the executions of the works it is necessary to find new investors. The purpose of the architectural visualization is to show the finished project in a visual and very attractive way and try to attract those investors or final buyers.

It is a luxury house where indoor and outdoor spaces hardly differ. A few large glass windows serve to make this separation in a subtle way. The work included 14 renderings, and due to the transparency of the walls, all of them were displayed both inside and outside.

In this type of luxuries homes, in addition to the usual work, a degree of complexity to thearchitectural visualization is added since it raises the level of detail, both the architectural elements as the decoration of the spaces. From our office in Los Angeles this decoration was done by selecting furniture, textiles, lighting, paintings and sculptures.

The project consists of 3 volumes. The largest volumeis for the main house, the second one will be the guest house and the last one will be the pool house to be used as a space for entertainment. A central swimming pool just join the three volumes being protected by them of the strong winds that hit the area.

Water acquires special importance in this project. Therefore we take care of the effects, reflections and lightings with caustics, which create the pool itself, the waterfall as well as the fountain.

For the lighting of the scene they chose to play with both daylight and sunset that brought golden hues to the architectural visualization.

We will keep you informed of our new projects of architectural visualization in Los Angeles.


  1. What a great design! The straight and boxed edges are becoming popular with new builds. This is a perfect example of why they work and look so good!

    • Many thanks for your comments!

  2. This is a beautiful home! I love the architectural glass, design, and layout! It makes the home unique and simply stunning! Thanks for sharing!

    • Totally agree, Caryl! Thanks for your comment!

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