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We love Mallorca and, of course, work on projects developed on the island. This time, we had the chance of working in a project designed by the Majorcan studio Moredesign.

Moredesign’s designs seek the balance between traditional Mallorcan and Mediterranean architecture and innovation. In their projects, they highlight the use of local materials and the sensitivity in the treatment of the same. They design simple homes with a timeless design, but with exquisite care in every detail.

The commission included ten renderings of new homes in the town of Cala Vinyes, in the west of the island of Mallorca. Two new villas in a rural environment very close to the beach of Cala Vinyes.

The renders will serve to show the client the appearance of their future unbuilt home. The architectural rendering is a key tool that greatly facilitates communication between the team of designers and the client. Through images, it is easy to visualize how your future home will look.

To develop these new images, we started by modelling the volumes of the villas and placing several cameras to find the most attractive frames with which to persuade the client of the architectural proposal.

During the sketch phase, and for Moredesign to have a render closer to what would be delivered, we worked with different illuminations. Finally, we chose to use the same type of lighting for the entire set of images.

A daylight and Mediterranean light, an indispensable element when thinking about Mallorcan island. A delicate work of lights and shadows to achieve greater warmth and, at the same time, greater realism in architectural renderings.

With the viewpoints defined, we move on to the next phase of setting the spaces, both interior and exterior. Furniture and simple decoration that does not overload the rooms. A recurring detail in the projects designed by Moredesign.

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