Architectural visualization students residence Dakar

It is always stimulating to collaborate in the development of images for architectural competitions. For architectural firms, it is a great advantage to work hand-in-hand with an architectural visualization studio as it allows them to streamline decision making.

On this occasion, the Paris-based architecture firm Hardel + Le Biham contacted us requesting two architectural visualization for the architectural competition of a student residence in Dakar, Senegal.

The architectural proposal aims to use native materials and construction techniques. The use of prefabricated elements together with on-site materials guarantee a fast and safe execution of the project.

The tropical climatology of Dakar was a factor to take into account to get a good architectural design. They were included as overhangs and lattices as elements of solar protection, bet by natural ventilation at both facade and roof level and lastly selected materials with high thermal inertia.

The motifs of the lattices vary in each of the buildings and providing an identity to each of them. One of the forerunners of this female campus, Bineta Diop, is also present through her portraits engraved on the headwalls of the buildings.

One of the architectural visualization would be aerial showing the set of buildings that will conform the residence of students and its location in the plot concerning the existing buildings. The second architectural visualization was a street view that showed the atmosphere that would generate the architectural proposal.

As for the atmosphere, it was very important to be able to reproduce the existing vegetation and which is maintained in the project. On the other hand, the placement of people was also important to achieve the realism sought.

From here we would like to congratulate all the team of Hardel + LeBiham for the great project carried out and for getting the commission.

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