Architectural visualization of a residential tower in Lleida

The architectural office Arqcoas is developing a new architectural competition. This time it is a residential tower in the city of Lleida, which will be known as Tower Eizasa.

The residential tower is located on a corner plot and the geometry of the building is intended to emphasize it by triangular balconies in the entire height. The volume of the tower is mainly solid except for the corner of the building that will be the transparent part of the building.

The developer of the new housing wanted a photorealistic architectural visualization in which residential tower appeared integrated in its real surroundings. In order to get the funding needed to carry out the construction of the new residential tower, the developer wanted a striking visualization to convince the future investors.

For this work, the residential tower was modeled and several frames tests were performed in order to find the ideal point of view for the architectural visualization. Once the view was selected, actual photographs of the surroundings were taken at twilight.

To get a more dramatic visualization, as the promoter wanted, we opted for an architectural visualisation with a dusk illumination. This type of lighting at night or twilight allows to play with the lighting of the building itself. Different ranges of light for each one of the houses as well as toggle lights on and off in the entire height in the entire heighof the residential tower.

The general atmosphere of the image is an aspect that helps to bring realism to the architectural visualization. We distinguish two groups in the setting of the scene according to the presence in the 3D rendering. So, on the one hand there was the sky as a greater presence and the other, secondary vegetation, cars and the street atmosphere in general.

The client chose to place a sky that was dark and cloudy at the bottom in order to get a greater contrast with the lighting of the building. In a second step, cars and people were placed to offer more life and movement to the scene.

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